Photography by Paul Berriff & Hedon Viewfinders

Have you ever wanted to see RARE photos of THE BEATLES? Yes? Then Hedon Museum is the place to be this Spring! That’s right! From the end of April to the beginning of June we are displaying rare photos of 1960s rock and pop bands and stars by internationally renowned photographer Paul Berriff OBE!

It’s an incredible Spring at Hedon Museum! We are truly privileged to hold an exhibition by the internationally acclaimed, BAFTA award winning documentary film-maker and photographer, Paul Berriff. Hedon Museum is excited to display his rare photographs of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and more! As a young press photographer, he’d use his spare time to take photos of the rising music stars, using his camera as a backstage pass. On one occasion in Huddersfield, he arrived at a theatre two hours before The Beatles were due to play. As luck would have it, The Beatles took to the stage to rehearse their new single ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ and, of course, they were perfectly happy for Paul to take some unique photos. It is difficult not to be enchanted by the birth of modern music, and you can see this wonder documented in photography at Hedon Museum!

As a world-renowned producer, director, cinematographer and photographer, Paul Berriff has experienced both wonderful and terrible things. He has lived an extraordinary life, surviving a helicopter crash, a sinking ship, a volcano and even the devastating destruction of the World Trade Centre.

Also, don’t miss a show of Hedon town pride by the Hedon Viewfinders! Exhibiting alongside Paul Berriff, we have the local photography group returning to displaying their work, based around our beautiful and historic town! Hedon is an inspiring place for photographers. Whether it’s countryside landscapes, Gothic architecture or that village feel, Hedon is the right place to be a photographer! St Augustine’s Church is, without a doubt, awe-inspiring but it is by no means the only subject for creative viewfinders with a camera. To a photographer, interesting shots can be found in the most seemingly insignificant places.

Paul Berriff’s Official Website

Paul Berriff Photographer Biography

Hedon Viewfinders Official Website

Exhibition runs from 24th April – 15th June. Refreshments are available. Souvenirs and pre-loved books for sale.


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