HEDON MUSEUM has been awarded £2770 to help celebrate the museum`s 25th anniversary.

The money has come from the Small Grants Scheme for independent museums provided by the Humber Museums Partnership , H M P.

We want to show the history of our great town by connecting with our local schools . The museum will be holding a series of competitions. For primary school children there will be a writing competition, for senior school children a design and art competition. For over 16s there will be a photographic event .

Members of the museum will assist schools with curriculum work , visits to the museum as well as running skills tutorials for the use of phone cameras etc`.

Details of the competitions will be released in the near future in the local press

2 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE

  1. Can I tell you that the soldier in his no1 dress in your picture would never wear a belt like that with that uniform
    Those belts are worn with working dress
    Not ceremonial dress


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