About the Museum

Hedon Museum
Hedon Museum

Hedon Museum is an active presence in the community. Members of the Museum have been reaching out to local people with the Memory Box Project since 2015, helping people to remember their oldest and most beloved moments.

The Museum is very proud to cater to all ages. There have always been items available to play with, but in 2016 we created the Children’s Corner. This entire portion of the room downstairs has been dedicated to historic items that can be touched, played with and enjoyed by children and their guardians alike. This area will evolve over time to create an interesting and engaging space.

Children's Corner at Hedon Museum
Children’s Corner at Hedon Museum


The community itself has run Hedon Museum since it opened in 1996. It is run entirely by friendly and welcoming volunteers from the local area, and we are always looking for enthusiastic new people to help us keep the Museum going. If you are interested just pop in on any opening day and ask the volunteer on duty.

Since 2015 Hedon Museum has been offering exhibition space upstairs for any member of the public. Each year divided into slots which are all available to book. Are you a talented photographer or artist? Do you have an interesting collection that’s just waiting to be appreciated by visitors? Well give us a call or drop us an email and we can arrange it for you. Everyone is welcome at Hedon Museum!