Paintings & Sculpture by Father & Daughter

It is always something quite special when a family comes together for an exhibition. Father and daughter, John Parks and Kathryn Ashcroft have teamed up to offer us a truly multi-media exhibition, and look out for a beautiful painting by eight year old Lily, the youngest exhibitor we’ve ever had! Kathryn’s little mice are a must-see for anyone who loves all things adorable, and if you want to see how varied the world of painting is, then you need look no further than John Parks. This is not the first experience they have of exhibiting. Both have shown their works at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull, Bridlington Spar and even taken part in a touring exhibition for the BBC.

John loves to experiment. He has works of art with an abstract and a realistic style. He has used wool, he has painted stones, he has sketched, used watercolours and mounted on pieces of shed, something he quite aptly called Shed Art. Mounted upon seven pieces of shed are what look like painted ceramic, but it is actually cleverly disguised MDF displaying beautiful images. A more recent edition to his Shed Art collection is wirework on a piece of corrugated roofing. John has painted animals, flowers and landscapes, but his true love lies with architecture. He is often commissioned to paint people’s house in extraordinary detail, but for his personal work he prefers old buildings with interesting features. A beautiful window above a door, a crack in the wall, a smashed window pane, anything that adds character. Recently he has taken to layering the paper to achieve a 3D picture, a quite effective technique.

Given the intricacy of the little sculptures created by Kathryn Ashcroft, it is very surprising to learn that she only began making them a year ago. They are made from almost entirely recycled materials too! Any scrap of material, or spare button or piece of driftwood goes into crafting her next cute creation. What began as presents for family and friends, became a small business, such was the popularity of the mice. Each mouse comes with its own little box to stand in, decorated inside and with little accessories added in here and there. Look out for the ‘Space Mouse’! For her exhibition she will be putting together something special too! A mouse house, with a mouse hole on one side, and on the other her little mice in their homes. Some of her mice will be for sale whereas others, such as the ‘Amy Johnson Mouse’, can be commissioned.

Both artists are selling their works. Kathryn is also selling cards featuring her mice, and John has kindly said that all profits from the sale of his picture stones can go to Hedon Museum – snap them up before they disappear! This one promises to be something special so don’t miss it!

Exhibition runs Wednesday 28th June – Saturday 29th July. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Pre-loved and local interest books for sale.

Praise for this Exhibition

We’ve heard great things from our visitors about this exhibition, a collection of the Hedon Museum Committee’s favourite items from our archives – Press Release for ‘From the Archives’ – it’s not too late to see it for yourself! Here are some comments from our book.

Lovely exhibition of old treasures.

A very varied and interesting exhibition.

Interesting and very well laid out. Great cuppa too. Will be back.

Fabulous exhibition, with very great thanks for sharing local stories with us. We are overwhelmed by the friendliness we have found in Hedon and Hull. Thank you!



A Rare Book for Sale

Hedon Museum has recently acquired a rare book – ‘A New and Complete History of the Borough of Hedon’ by Dr Martin Craven is a vital addition to the shelf for anyone interested in local history. This amalgamation of Hedon history cannot be found elsewhere in a recent work and we only have one copy!


Our current exhibition is titled ‘From the Archives’. This is a unique exhibition for Hedon Museum, giving a sneak peek at the history of the museum itself, how it works and some of our favourite things from the archive room which we’ve had hidden away for years. See the full press release here – From the Archives of Hedon Museum


From the Archives of Hedon Museum

A museum in Hedon was a dream, based upon pride in our town’s long history, which became a reality in 1996. Since then it has been lovingly taken care of entirely by volunteers, and entirely supported by grants and donations. As a thank you, we are holding an exhibition which is unique in its 21 year history. We’re going to give you a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at how Hedon Museum works and show you some of the most interesting things we’ve had hidden away in our archive for years. Among the things we’ve brought out for you are ships in bottles, photographs of Hedon Racecourse and Airfield, beautiful Victorian and Edwardian clothing, Victorian and vintage fans of great extravagance, war medals, uniforms and plenty more besides. When the exhibition is over we’ll be putting it all away again so come and see it while you can!

Exhibition runs Wednesday 3rd May – Saturday 24th June. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Pre-loved and local interest books for sale.

Then & Now

A suggestion was made on twitter at the beginning of the current exhibition, to find some present day versions of the images on display. With thanks to Google Street View here are a few. Notice that in the present day image of Mappleton the sea is visible, whereas before there was only a field, and the tree by the post office is still there.

Tomorrow is your last chance to see these old photos and many more besides so don’t forget to pop in for one more look.

Farewell & Thank You to Hedon Blog

It is with sadness that Hedon Museum bids goodbye to our great ally, the Hedon Blog. Ray Duffill and his locally famous blog have helped us advertise our exhibitions, ask for memorabilia from the public and appeal for volunteers. The Hedon Blog has been vital in helping Hedon Museum rise from nonexistence to the historic hub of Hedon in just 20 years.

Hedon as a community will surely miss this great source of local information



A Picture of the Past

Our current exhibition takes you just a couple of centuries into the past, to see a Yorkshire you don’t know, but do recognise. Robert Butler has brought along approximately 150 photographs to display at Hedon Museum, from his collection of close to 500. This wonderful obsession began with a small family collection centred on Aldborough, but grew rapidly with the discovery of antique fairs in the 80s. The collection is rooted in a deep love of local history, and this exhibition will enchant you by offering a window into a world so close to your own. Amazingly, Robert Butler has also found local newspaper clippings dating back as far as the 1800s, and he’s brought copies for everyone to read. All of those who live in or around Aldborough, Mappleton, Cowden, Sproatley, Humbleton, Burton Pidsea or Roos will find something truly special waiting for them at Hedon Museum.

Exhibition runs Wednesday 29th March – Saturday 29th April. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Pre-loved and local interest books for sale.


A History of Hedon

A new plaque has appeared beside the flower beds close to the Rolling Pin Bakery, beautifully featuring the Hedon crest and a list of dates significant to the town of Hedon. Starting right at the beginning when our town name did not even have an accepted spelling, you can learn nearly a thousand years of history in just five minutes. From bustling port to lovely market town, you’ll find it all there.

A Last Minute Addition to the Arty Crafters

Hedon Museum now open and is excited to announce that there has been a last minute addition to the Arty Crafters group and their exhibition. Quilling has made an appearance! This highly skilled craft takes an age of patience to master and the result is exquisite pieces of great intricacy. For those who’ve never heard of this renaissance skill just follow this like to find out – Quilling

Remember to put some time aside over the next month to see an exhibition with true variety and something to amaze everyone.

Exhibition runs Saturday 25th February – Saturday 25th March. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Pre-loved and local interest books for sale.