Photography by Paul Berriff & Hedon Viewfinders

Have you ever wanted to see RARE photos of THE BEATLES? Yes? Then Hedon Museum is the place to be this Spring! That’s right! From the end of April to the beginning of June we are displaying rare photos of 1960s rock and pop bands and stars by internationally renowned photographer Paul Berriff OBE!

It’s an incredible Spring at Hedon Museum! We are truly privileged to hold an exhibition by the internationally acclaimed, BAFTA award winning documentary film-maker and photographer, Paul Berriff. Hedon Museum is excited to display his rare photographs of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and more! As a young press photographer, he’d use his spare time to take photos of the rising music stars, using his camera as a backstage pass. On one occasion in Huddersfield, he arrived at a theatre two hours before The Beatles were due to play. As luck would have it, The Beatles took to the stage to rehearse their new single ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ and, of course, they were perfectly happy for Paul to take some unique photos. It is difficult not to be enchanted by the birth of modern music, and you can see this wonder documented in photography at Hedon Museum!

As a world-renowned producer, director, cinematographer and photographer, Paul Berriff has experienced both wonderful and terrible things. He has lived an extraordinary life, surviving a helicopter crash, a sinking ship, a volcano and even the devastating destruction of the World Trade Centre.

Also, don’t miss a show of Hedon town pride by the Hedon Viewfinders! Exhibiting alongside Paul Berriff, we have the local photography group returning to displaying their work, based around our beautiful and historic town! Hedon is an inspiring place for photographers. Whether it’s countryside landscapes, Gothic architecture or that village feel, Hedon is the right place to be a photographer! St Augustine’s Church is, without a doubt, awe-inspiring but it is by no means the only subject for creative viewfinders with a camera. To a photographer, interesting shots can be found in the most seemingly insignificant places.

Paul Berriff’s Official Website

Paul Berriff Photographer Biography

Hedon Viewfinders Official Website

Exhibition runs from 24th April – 15th June. Refreshments are available. Souvenirs and pre-loved books for sale.



Happy Mothering Sunday!

Hedon Museum would like to wish mothers everywhere a very happy Mothering Sunday.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of this wonderful celebration? Unlike in modern times, it didn’t initially involve giving gifts to our beloved mothers and grandmothers.

Mothering Sunday began as a 16th century Christian holiday. During this time, those who’d been employed away from home had a day off to visit their family and attend the church where they were baptised, aka their ‘mother’ church. With the help of the name ‘Mothering Sunday’, the day evolved over time to become a celebration of a mother’s love and contribution to the family.

Enjoy the day everyone!

Our current exhibition is A View of Spurn!


A View of Spurn

The spectacle of Spurn National Nature Reserve and all of the stories it has to tell will be on show during March and April at Hedon Museum. Coinciding with the one year anniversary of the opening of the Discovery Centre, this exhibition will display information about the wildlife, flowers and history of Spurn, from mammoths to lifeboats and bombs! You can see a genuine piece of a mammoth’s tusk, the vertebrae of a whale and the remains of detonated bombs!

Back in the late 1800s, Spurn was a popular destination for day trips from Hull and Grimsby on board pleasure steamers. Victorian ladies and gentlemen would travel to Spurn and to relax and play on the sandy beaches. They sent postcards all over the world from the post office on Spurn! As the saying goes – a picture tells a thousand words.

Some of the earliest ideas about bird conservation came from Spurn too! As people became concerned by the impact visitors had on ground nesting birds, a protection scheme was instated. The Little Terns and the Ringed Plovers are now comfortable at Spurn and, hopefully, will remain so.

Spurn has had a long maritime history with lighthouses established here as far back as Richard Reedbarrow’s light in 1427! A lifeboat has been stationed on Spurn for over 200 years saving many hundreds of lives and a full-time RNLI crew are always present and ready to launch at any time when needed.

Both world wars had a significant impact on Spurn and much of the defenses began in the 1800s were added to by the military. There was a fort at the end and it was a key strong point to guard the Humber Estuary. The North Sea is slowly nibbling away at these artificial defenses and Spurn is returning to it natural cycle.

With broad open skies, water on three sides and miles of beaches Spurn is a wonderful place to unwind, enjoy nature and relax. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust want to connect people with wildlife, heritage and landscape so that future generations can come here and appreciate how this living landscape is evolving.

Exhibition runs from 6th March to 20th April. Refreshments are available. Souvenirs and pre-loved books for sale.

2019 at Hedon Museum!

2019 is going to be an exciting year for Hedon Museum. We’ll have history, artists and photographers.

We are truly privileged this year to hold an exclusive exhibition by Paul Berriff OBE! The internationally acclaimed, BAFTA award winning documentary film-maker and photographer has chosen Hedon Museum to display never before seen photographs of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and more! Paull Berriff has lived an extraordinary life, surviving a helicopter crash, a sinking ship, a volcano and even the devastating destruction of the World Trade Centre. It is an honour to host his work.

Paul Berriff’s Official Website

Our first exhibition is brought to us by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust at Spurn National Nature Reserve. This will feature historic postcards from Spurn, which were sent all over the world by Victorian gentlemen and ladies seeking sandy beaches to relax upon. The YWT will also be displaying the history of Spurn, from mammoths to lifeboats and the beginnings of creating a sanctuary for wildlife which still exists today. See a genuine piece of a mammoth’s tusk, the vertebrae of a whale and the remains of detonated bombs!

Spurn – YWT

We will also see the return of the Viewfinders Photography Club, who’ll be displaying their talents with images of our beautiful market town. Hedon is full of inspiration for photographers and we can’t wait to see which views and angles have captured their inspiration most!

Viewfinders – Through the Lens Official Website

We’ll be exhibiting history too of course! During the summer we will be showing an enchanting range of wedding dresses, from the 1890s to modern. Every bride wishes to look beautiful on her wedding day, and the key to that is always the perfect dress. Fashion changes, but our fascination and adoration for ‘the perfect dress’ endures.

2019 also marks 80 years since the beginning of World War II. This tragic event which spanned 6 years took the lives of tens of millions of people and is never to be forgotten. Hedon Museum will show the impact of the war upon the local area, as well as personal memories from that terrible time.

Let’s not forget about the arts and crafts. We will be displaying the work of many artists and crafters behind Traenerhus, a workshop and store on High Street in Hull, as well as James Lee, Dianne Brown and Lynne Lobar. Between them they cover paintings in the style of impressionism, realism, surrealism and abstract. Traenerhus will also be displaying the most varied range of crafts we’ve ever seen at Hedon Museum for a single exhibition, including ceramics, glass, quilting, knitting, felt and more!

Traenerhus Official Website

Dianne Brown’s Official Website

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate history and artistic skill this year at Hedon Museum!

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Celebrating the Centenary of the Armistice


Songs were sung, poems were read, a new memorial was unveiled and the Beacon was lit on Market Hill in Hedon to mark the centenary of the Armistice of WWI.

From Market Hill the crowds moved to St Augustine’s Church where there were readings, further songs, and a pop-up exhibition by Hedon Museum.

Current Exhibition – When the Guns Fell Silent

When the Guns Fell Silent

An exhibition commemorating the Armistice of WWI.

After four long and bitter years of war, the allies agreed to a ceasefire request from the Germans. An Armistice was signed on the 9th November 1918 and two days later the German Army surrendered to Marshal Foch.

As part of the town of Hedon’s programme of events to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice of the Great War, Hedon Museum is holding this special exhibition.

The exhibition follows the tragic events of the war, but concentrates on the contribution and sacrifices made by the people of Hedon and Holderness. Special emphasis is placed on keeping alive the memory of the brave locals who contributed and fell in Holderness and other areas of the conflict.

Exhibition runs Wednesday 17th October – Wednesday 28th November. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

Cynthia Ward at Hedon Museum

Hedon Museum is honoured to be exhibiting the work of a prestigious artist who this year had a painting displayed at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

For the 250th Summer Exhibition at the RA, paintings were handpicked by Grayson Perry. Cynthia Ward’s painting of Andrew Graham Dixon was among those chosen, and now it is on display at Hedon Museum, among many of her other paintings.

Cynthia Ward has always loved painting and achieved her dream of becoming a professional artist while living on the Maltese island of Gozo. There she painted the stunning seascapes which surrounded her every day, including the famously enchanting Azure Window which collapsed in 2017.

At Hedon Museum, alongside the painting of Andrew Graham Dixon, Cynthia will display hardly-seen emotional portraits of family and friends, some self-portraits and immersive waterscapes, both local and from Gozo.

Don’t miss this must-see exhibition!

Exhibition runs Wednesday 5th September – Saturday 13th October. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

Double Exhibition – Medicine Through the Ages & 5 Roads into Hull

Have you ever wondered what they did in the dark ages when you suffered with migraines? The answer might make you very happy you live in 2018. Trepanning was commonly practiced throughout the ancient world, into the middle ages and right through to the 18th century. It’s even occasionally done today but is thankfully no longer common practice, and not recommended by the NHS. It is to show our great appreciation for the NHS that Hedon Museum has put together this interesting exhibition on the history of medicine, covering ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, the enlightenment and all the way through to modern times.

The NHS was created on 5th July 1948 and has now been with us for 70 years! This great British institution, and the diligent professionals working within it, have saved millions of lives and allowed us to seek medical help without worrying about the price tag. Britain has shown its gratitude with TV documentaries, tea parties, light shows and special exhibitions so, of course, Hedon Museum has joined the celebrations.

Exhibiting alongside is the Hull & District Research Society, who have spent years putting together a historical plan of the 5 major roads into Hull – Hessle Road, Anlaby Road, Beverley Road, Holderness Road and Hedon Road.

The display includes both old and modern photos, including images of bombed out buildings and shops which no longer exist, with accompanying information. How many of you are too young to remember Woolworths? What began as a simple idea, quickly turned into a huge undertaking with a great result!

Exhibition runs Wednesday 1st August – Saturday 1st September. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

Success at Hedfest!

We were of course open during Hedfest, as we are every Saturday, and greeted 56 visitors. Most of our visitors arrived before the incredible parade, after which the huge crowds which had filled Hedon, vanished to watch England play.

Hedon Museum also had a stall on Market Hill which took in nearly £70!

Hedfest is a fantastic event for local businesses and local spirit, which will hopefully continue for decades, eventually becoming local tradition and a part of local history.

Our current exhibition – Street-Life Artists of Yorkshire