Pop Up Sci-Fi Screening in Hedon

On Sunday 8th October in Hedon Marketplace, there will be an exclusive screening of 5 short sci-fi films showing what Hull might look like in the year 2097. The screening will take place between noon and 1pm.

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You are Invited!

Talented artist Christopher Heald invites you to attend the open night of his new exhibition at Hedon Museum, titled A Painter’s Journey, on Tuesday 10th October 5pm to 7:30pm. The display will feature beautiful impressionist paintings of the Italian and French Riviera which are truly enchanting to the eye.

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A Painter’s Journey at Hedon Museum

For our last exhibition of the year, we have a show of impressionism. Painter Christopher Heald moved to the area only recently, having lived in London. Christopher likes to travel to find inspiration, and last year he spent time on the French and Italian Riviera, which inspired many beautiful works.

Given the very natural way he seems to paint, it is perhaps surprising that painting did not come to him naturally. In fact, he did not decide to be a painter until the thrilling aspects of nature inspired him to do so, and it has been a long journey to achieve what you will see at Hedon Museum. Though Christopher studied Fine Art, the talented artist is self-taught with a paintbrush, and claims that the enchanting work you will see before you is still just another step along his journey as an artist.

His method is fascinating as he talks about his interpretation of colour when considering a scene. He paints quickly, weaving the atmosphere into every picture, seeing not just the colour of the objects around him, but the colour of the air between himself and his subjects. Each time of day, each form of weather, each shadow has wonderful colours which are constantly changing.

Christopher has exhibited in the UK and France, and has paintings in private collections in the UK, France, Canada and Hong Kong. Make sure to catch this talented artist on his ever changing journey to perfection.

Exhibition runs Wednesday 11th October – Saturday 24th November. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Pre-loved and local interest books for sale.

Only a Few Hours Left!

That’s right. You only have a few hours left to see the beautiful and varied photography skills of the Hedon photography group Viewfinders – Through the Lens.

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We are Open on Sunday!

In addition to opening on Saturday as usual, we will also be welcoming visitors on Sunday 10th September as part of Heritage Open Days 2017, from 10am to 4pm.

Local historian and Hon. Treasurer of Hedon Museum, Martin Craven, will also be conducting a guided history tour of Hedon. Those who are interested should meet on Market Hill, Hedon at 2pm.

Don’t forget to check out our latest exhibition – The Talents of the Viewfinders.


Open Night

Just had a great open night for our new exhibition – The Talents of the Viewfinders. Great food, great company and an appearance by Mayor of Hedon, Steve Gallant, pictured here with Viewfinders – Through the Lens’ youngest (15) and eldest member (86).

Mayor of Hedon, Steve Gallant, with Viewfinders youngest (15) and eldest member (86)



Talents of the Viewfinders

Every kind of photo by every kind of photographer will be waiting for you at Hedon Museum. Over 20 photographers from the photo club, Viewfinders – Through the Lens, has contributed photographs of just about every subject and style you can think of. Abstract, portraiture, landscape, zoology, selfie, architecture and everything in between has been taken by all ages of photographer from 15 to 86 and by all different kinds of cameras too, SLR, compact and even phones!

The aim of Viewfinders – Through the Lens is to encourage everyone to pick up a camera and have a go. You don’t need expensive equipment, qualifications or even experience, just a good eye and an eagerness to improve your skills. Whether you’re a beginner at photography or have years of experience to share, there is always more to learn and everyone is welcome!

Don’t miss your chance to see the wonderfully varied talents of the Viewfinders and Hedon Museum!

Exhibition runs Wednesday 6th September – Saturday 7th October. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Pre-loved and local interest books for sale.

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Last Chance to See Antique Tech!

Saturday 2nd September is your last chance to see a vast collection of vintage and antique tech at Hedon Museum!

More about the exhibition – A Lifetime’s Collection of Electricals

And while you’re there don’t forget to see our treasured artefact, the Pingsdorf Pot.

Hedon Museum is on Instagram!

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Our current exhibition – A Lifetime’s Collection of Electricals