Double Exhibition – Medicine Through the Ages & 5 Roads into Hull

Have you ever wondered what they did in the dark ages when you suffered with migraines? The answer might make you very happy you live in 2018. Trepanning was commonly practiced throughout the ancient world, into the middle ages and right through to the 18th century. It’s even occasionally done today but is thankfully no longer common practice, and not recommended by the NHS. It is to show our great appreciation for the NHS that Hedon Museum has put together this interesting exhibition on the history of medicine, covering ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, the enlightenment and all the way through to modern times.

The NHS was created on 5th July 1948 and has now been with us for 70 years! This great British institution, and the diligent professionals working within it, have saved millions of lives and allowed us to seek medical help without worrying about the price tag. Britain has shown its gratitude with TV documentaries, tea parties, light shows and special exhibitions so, of course, Hedon Museum has joined the celebrations.

Exhibiting alongside is the Hull & District Research Society, who have spent years putting together a historical plan of the 5 major roads into Hull – Hessle Road, Anlaby Road, Beverley Road, Holderness Road and Hedon Road.

The display includes both old and modern photos, including images of bombed out buildings and shops which no longer exist, with accompanying information. How many of you are too young to remember Woolworths? What began as a simple idea, quickly turned into a huge undertaking with a great result!

Exhibition runs Wednesday 1st August – Saturday 1st September. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.


Success at Hedfest!

We were of course open during Hedfest, as we are every Saturday, and greeted 56 visitors. Most of our visitors arrived before the incredible parade, after which the huge crowds which had filled Hedon, vanished to watch England play.

Hedon Museum also had a stall on Market Hill which took in nearly £70!

Hedfest is a fantastic event for local businesses and local spirit, which will hopefully continue for decades, eventually becoming local tradition and a part of local history.

Our current exhibition – Street-Life Artists of Yorkshire

Happy Birthday NHS!

The NHS was founded 5th July 1948, which means today was its birthday! The nation has shown its appreciation tonight, for all the hard work involved in starting and maintaining this incredible organisation, by lighting up landmarks in blue. This happened in Hull, when the lighting systems installed for the City of Culture displays were put to good use once more.

Thanks to the NHS, health and wellbeing have become literally priceless and hopefully, in 30 years, the nation will be celebrating the centenary of the NHS.

Don’t miss the ‘70 Years of the NHS’ exhibition at Hedon Museum in August, with two accompanying displays – ‘Medicine Through the Ages’ and ‘5 Roads into Hull’.

Current exhibition – Street-Life Artists of Yorkshire

Radio Humberside at Hedon Museum

On Saturday 30th June, BBC Radio Humberside popped into Hedon Museum for a game of Absolutely Clueless. This is a fun treasure hunt game which takes the presenter to a number of locations around Humberside and occasionally further afield, on the look-out for cryptic riddles.

Full episodes are available on BBC iPlayer here.

To listen to Hedon Museum’s slot on the show only, click here.


Street-Life Artists of Yorkshire

From busy shopping streets and market scenes to broken country buildings, this is street-life art at its best and in every medium. Paint, pencil, pen and even collage! Five art groups, from Hedon, Preston, Cottingham, Holmpton & Kilham have all come together for a wonderful themed exhibition. Expect every style too. Realism, abstract, impressionist and even an optical illusion which has to be seen to be believed!

This isn’t their first exhibition either. In fact, the groups put on their very first display at Hedon Museum and have since gone on to do many others, including a recent exhibition at Burton Constable Hall.

For this exhibition ONLY Hedon Museum will be opening for five days a week! For just a month you’ll be able to visit us from Tuesday to Saturday.

Opening times at 10am – 4pm. Exhibition runs Wednesday 27th June – Saturday 28th July. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

One for the History Books

According to the British Geological Survey, at 23:14 on 9th June a minor earthquake occurred very close to us. It has been reported that the epicentre was in the Humber Estuary near Grimsby, but the map and exact location in latitude and longitude, as provided to the world by the British Geological Survey, shows it was actually about half a mile ESE of Sunk Island.

It was magnitude 3.9 on the Richter scale and 18 kilometres (just over 11 miles) deep. The Hull Daily Mail website is running a poll which so far suggests about half of the local population didn’t even notice it had happened. However, within seconds Twitter had come alive with people checking they hadn’t imagined it. Some tweets claimed that their houses had violently shook, dogs had gone crazy, pictures had fallen off the wall and a bird from its perch, and the streets filled with questioning neighbours.

In a certain household in Hedon, a single little shake was felt in the house, noticed by 2 of 4 occupants, which includes a rather lazy dog. The 3rd occupant couldn’t fail to notice the very loud rumble but the dog still couldn’t be bothered to raise her head. In a home in Walkington, they heard the rumble but felt no shake, and thought nothing of it until hearing the news the next day.

For those who felt the effects of the quake more than others, there is no need to panic. Earthquakes are more common than you might think, even here in the UK, but they’re usually too small for us to notice. In the case of this particular earthquake, no damage has been reported. Though it was far smaller than the Market Rasen 5.2 magnitude earthquake of 2008, it has been a nice little bit of excitement for the local area and certainly something to talk about.

If you felt the quake, the British Geological Survey have requested that you fill in a simple questionnaire for their records. If this is something you wish to do please click here.


Our current exhibition – History in Handkerchiefs

History in Handkerchiefs

Hedon Museum was so impressed by Kate Dennett’s informative and beautiful exhibition, back in 2016, that we just had to have her back!

Kate Dennett’s collection of historical handkerchiefs began in the West Indies during the 1970s, where an elegant lace handkerchief laying on the pavement of a town square caught her eye. Encouraged by her degree in Graphic Design and interest in textiles, she continued from there to collect a mass of enchanting examples dating from the Victorian era to the present day, from handmade to machine-made, from lace to colour.

This is an exhibition for lovers of elegance, for those with an interest in the changing of styles through the progression of time, and anyone interested in design, textile or otherwise.

Exhibition runs Wednesday 16th May – Saturday 23rd June. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

The Secret Artists at Hedon Museum

Don’t worry you won’t be expected to keep any secrets! The name originates from the idea that a great many people out there have hidden interests and talents in art. This wonderful group endeavours to find other ‘secret’ artists and encourage new ones in every medium, encompassing painters, sketchers, woodworkers and clay sculptors. Is there a ‘secret’ artist within you? Find out by seeking inspiration at Hedon Museum.

The Secret Artists Official Website

Exhibition runs Wednesday 11th April – Saturday 12th May. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

A Pictorial History of East Yorkshire

For those of you who don’t know about the HEY (Hull & East Yorkshire) History Calendar, you’re missing out on a wealth of local information! Every day for over a year Carol Osgerby has posted on Facebook about a local historical event which happened on that day. Followers of the page, of which there are over 450, will learn something new every day about the beautiful county they live in. The history classes in school can often forget that we’re all a part of history, which is why the HEY History Calendar is so wonderful. The Facebook page focuses mostly upon ordinary people rather than the rich and famous, and dates as old as possible. Much of what has been learned so far will be put on display at Hedon Museum.

Displayed alongside will be a collection of historical photographs, newspaper clippings and maps. Robert Butler returns to Hedon Museum with his enchanting collection inspired by his love of local history. Anyone who lives in Paull, Burstwick, Thorngumbald, Keyingham, Ottringham and Patrington will find a real treat waiting for them in our upstairs gallery, in historical pictures of their towns and villages. You might also find something surprising in the newspaper clippings too. It’s not uncommon to find a little family history among the pages.

HEY History Calendar Facebook Page

Exhibition runs Wednesday 7th March – Saturday 7th April. Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. FREE ADMISSION. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Souvenirs and books for sale.

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